The future of work: 5 ways the world will change in the next century

creative huddle future of work


The world is changing, fast. The future of the professional world will undoubtedly be changed by artificial intelligence, or AI – which pretty much means that robots will be working alongside us. Move over Alexa, because AI is coming into the mainstream in a big way. We spoke to business facilitator James Allen, founder of Creative Huddle, to understand how exactly the world will change, and how to future-proof ourselves so we can thrive in the workplace of the future, where humans will work alongside intelligent machines. Ahead of his talk at The Collective Old Oak next week, we nabbed his five predictions on how the professional world will change in the next 100 years.

A powerful new member of the workforce is coming. The future will see AI work next to humans in their organisations, as a co-worker, collaborator and trusted advisor, carrying out administrative tasks in seconds and checking humans’ work for accuracy.

AI will free up time for more creative thinking and judgment work, a key area in which humans are naturally superior. This, along with other soft skills such as emotional intelligence, will become an increasingly important skill area. This is the “real” work of the future.

There will be an increasing emphasis on team building and networks, as judgment and creative work is best done in teams. These cross-functional teams will be fast-forming and dynamic, and may have their own micro-culture. Individuals may be part of several teams at once.

Pivotal people with high social and creative skills will command high rewards. Competition for these adaptable, collaborative, continually-learning, highly mobile individuals will be fierce. Incentives, rewards and working environments will be key to attracting them.

More people will look to satisfy their desire for authentic, quality products amongst all the technological developments, and a search for meaning and fulfilment from work.

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