london raw wine week

London Raw Wine Week

It’s Raw Wine Week in London, and we’ll take any excuse to sip in the city and cheers together. The raw wine movement is all about making organic wines that are natural and biodynamic – no additives and minimal intervention. No sulphates means no hangover – or at least, a less brutal one, and who’s not on board with that? The Collective’s head of cultural programming Jade Coles moonlights as a sommelier in training. Partial to raw wines of the orange variety, she spills on her favourite wines for all occasions – and best of all, where to go for a cheeky glass yourself.

Jade’s sommelier selection

Pheasant’s Tears

My absolute go to, Pheasant’s Tears was born out of a love of authentic tradition, and culture and endless creativity” by a family-run vineyard in Georgia. These wines are produced in the most traditional way: fermented in large clay pots, lined with beeswax and then sunk into the ground for months to mature. A real acquired taste, and one for only the bold of spirit. Expect amber and citrus notes.

Momento Mori Fistful of Flowers

Big on texture and taste, a highly floral bottle with notes of stone fruit, musk, and vanilla. Momento Mori’s Fistful of Flowers wine is fermented in stainless steel which offers an extremely light, fresh texture and ultra clean look and feel. Great choice for a first timer, or anyone looking to get into the natural wine trend.

Baby Bandito Stay Brave

This orange raw wine is a favourite of mine – no, it’s not made from orange, but rather white grapes that are fermented with the skins left on. A South African wine produced with “grapes and absolutely nothing else,” Baby Bandito is best with a hearty Thai curry or fish, as it evokes strong aromas of spice with a dry finish.

Col Fondo prosecco

Need something more celebratory? Why not try a natural prosecco such as Col Fondo, the sparkling, but far more tart, cloudy little sister of your classic prosecco. Some say it even tastes a bit like cider. Cheers!

Where to drink raw wine in London

Raw Wine Fair

Check out London’s Raw Wine Fair for a wide selection of offering’s from Europe and beyond. On from 6th – 11th March, 180 The Strand

Noble Rot

Noble Rot started life as a trendy wine magazine for millennials and has since grown into a stand-alone restaurant on buzzy Lambs Conduit Street. It’s the perfect place to try a number of limited edition wines paired with a modern British menu. 51 Lamb’s Conduit Street, London, WC1N 3NB

Elliot’s Cafe

Bermondsey is known as a foodie hotspot but for a glass of something red, white or orange (yes, orange!), stop by Elliot’s at the end of Borough Market. Happy sipping!

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